PU Edge Protection "KWS"

  • Protection of webbing material, chains and ropes
  • Even load distribution
  • Easy handling with magnetic attachment or eyelets
  • Extension of service life
  • Universal use 




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  • Material


Another special design of the STOBIFORM - PU Edge Protection is the edge protection for fibre and steel ropes called "KWS", which can be supplied in 2 sizes. It has round openings, which the ropes are pulled through. Concentrated loads are therefore distributed over an area. This protects both the lifting attachment and load.




Approx. weight
per unit
KWS 25 30 mm 80 mm 0,3 Kg
KWS 40 50 mm 125 mm 1,0 Kg

Other sizes and designs on request.

All sizes are approximate! Techn. changes reserved.


Material: Polyurethanelastomer ca. 80 Shore A