PU "FIRST AID" Drain Seal

  • Highly flexible polyurethane
  • Simplest, safe application
  • Additional safety when transporting dangerous goods
  • Essential in all lorry driver cabs for dangerous goods transport


  • Description
  • Dimensions


STOBIBLOC PU Drain Seals prevent large quantities of fluids from uncontrollably entering the sewage system. These mats are made of highly flexible PU elastomers and fully cover standard drains with their measurements. Uneven drains can also be reliably sealed thanks to the flexibility and weight of the mats.

In the case of damage or an accident with escaping chemicals, the mats are simply placed over the drains. They can be immediately recognised by the fire brigade arriving at the scene with their day-glo orange colour. This means the fire brigade can seal off the sewer system without losing any time.



Dimensions: approx. 800 x 800 x 15 thick     

Weight: approx. 10 Kg